Ohio looking even worse this year…

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T@P The voting mess in Ohio may be even worse than it was in 2004.
By Marie Cocco
Issue Date: 10.03.06

Hundreds of voters mysteriously “dropped or displaced” from registration rolls when master lists were electronically merged. Absentee ballots invalidated because voters didn’t receive a flier telling them not to remove a security stub. Poll workers who didn’t show up to work on Election Day. Polling places unable to open on time because computer memory cards for new machines hadn’t been installed. Suspicious shortages of machines in precincts that happened to be heavily Democratic. Voters who left the polls in disgust without having cast a ballot, because they just couldn’t wait for overwhelmed precinct workers to sort through a monstrous mess of administrative and equipment problems.

Ohio, 2004? Nope. Ohio, 2006.

It took Cuyahoga County officials six days after the May 2 primary to come up with a tally of results. The Election Day chaos in Ohio’s most populated jurisdiction — and a heavily Democratic one — has been the subject of scathing official inquiries that found irregularities on such a grand scale they might make even Katherine Harris blush. Could this be a preview of November’s midterm elections?
Perhaps. Except the sequel might be worse.

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