New Yorkers, do these things before, and on, Election Day!

October 15, 2007


1. Vote on November 7

Last day to register by mail is today Oct 13, or deliver in person to the Board of Elections (995-5715) by Oct 18 next week.
October 31: Last day to postmark application for an absentee ballot.

2. Sign up to protect our elections in New York

The NYDLC is looking for 150-200 volunteers to monitor the polls in the 5 counties of CD 19 (Sue Kelly vs John Hall). So far, 40 people are signed up. HELP! To sign up, go to and click the big red SIGN UP button on the top left. They will give you training and support. You will help with any problems that come up in polling places that might cause people to lose their votes.

3. Have your friends over on Thursday, November 2 to watch “Hacking Democracy’ on HBO

HBO to Premier ‘Hacking Democracy’ November 2nd!

Investigative E-Voting Fraud Film – Three Years in the Making – to Debut on Cable Channel Nov. 2nd!
HBO has just announced that they will debuting Hacking Democracy, the long-awaited documentary film by Simon Ardizzone, Robert Carrillo Cohen and Russell Michaels, on November 2nd – just days before millions of Americans will head to the polls to use all-new untested, inaccurate, hackable, electronic voting systems for the first time.

After watching the show, discuss it and take action as you and your friends see fit-letters, petitions, phone calls. You know the drill.

4. Take Election Day off to get out the vote

Essential to our democracy is increasing voter turnout and involvement, no matter what party you belong to. Support your favorite candidate. On the Democratic side, Howard Dean calls on Democrats to take the day off to get out the vote. “We’re asking now so that you have plenty of time to make arrangements. Whether you’re new to politics or a seasoned volunteer, if you can afford to spend all or part of Election Day working to elect Democrats, tell us here:
5. Support independent exit polls
The Election Defense Alliance. EXIT POLLING 2006: The EDA Plan And How You Can Help.,
Essential to Preserving Our Democracy

*Exit polls, whether in the Ukraine or the United States, are the most powerful tool available for detecting vote fraud and theft – which is why the campaign to discredit them has been so determined.

*Ensuring the integrity of Election 2006 will depend upon reliable exit polls: polling data that are independent of media control. Media-controlled exit polls are, obviously, rendered useles when they are “adjusted” to conform to announced vote results, as happened in 2004.

*This is why Election Defense Alliance (EDA) has made independent exit polls (IEPs) its top priority. We are working with a nationally recognized polling firm to conduct polling in critical competitive federal races.

*The cost of these polls is $400,000-a very favorable price offered to EDA by this respected polling firm.

6. Join the League of Women Voters

“The League of Women Voters is such an important organization – it is one of the only truly non-partisan and therefore totally credible voter education groups. Unfortunately the League’s membership has diminished because people likely to be politically active don’t want to be constrained by nonpartisanship and prefer to exert their energies for the political parties and candidates they support. I urge everyone to support the League as well as their chosen partisan organizations. ” Lindsay Feinberg, Pres., League of Women Voters of the Rivertowns

If there is a chapter of the LWV in your area, support it. If there isn’t, start one. Join at

7. Support New Yorkers for Verified Voting

Citizens Taking Action. NYVV is a group of New York State citizens educating and organizing on issues surrounding voting and elections in the 21st century. Go to and click the “Make a donation” button at the bottom of the page.

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