More on those threatening letters to Hispanic voters

From, via Dorothy Fadiman:

An update on Tuesday’s story about voter intimidation in Orange County. Thousands of Hispanics received letters telling them they could be deported or even jailed if they vote next month.
The recipients were not illegal immigrants, but naturalized U.S. citizens with every right to cast a ballot. Members of both parties decried the letters, as did Governor Schwarzenegger, and the attorney general launched an investigation.
Today a spokesman said the source of the letters seems to be the campaign of a candidate for Congress:
He declined to identify the specific Republican campaign Wednesday, citing the ongoing investigation. The Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register both reported Thursday that the investigation appeared to be focused on the campaign of Tan D. Nguyen, a Republican challenger to Democratic U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

Win at all costs seems to be the name of the game. And in this case, the price could be three years in jail for whoever sent the letters. This kind of voter intimidation is a felony in California.

6:30PM ET Update: Nguyen faces pressure from Orange County Republican leaders to exit the race. He is challenging Democrat Loretta Sanchez. While Nguyen denies approving the letter, he did fire a staffer.Read More

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