More on the party's call for absentee votes

From Ginny Ross:

Can’t it also be that they simply know already precisely how bad and untrustworthy the DRE machines are — having forced the country into them? I bet they are trying to insure they have some paper on their side as well. Not to mention they may be planning to use the ploy of rounding up the last minute box of, gosh, ALL GOP absentee ballots just before the polls close. (This is what happened in CA 50 —- GOP operatives were flown in to San Diego on the weekend before the election and “rounded up” thousands upon thousands of absentee GOP ballots.)

Btw, speaking of the “creating a narrative” issue: notice how this weekend’s NYT Magazine had an extensive article on Howard Dean’s ‘divisive’ policies in the DNC. Looks like a set up for explaining away the Democrats possible “lost opportunity” or “loss” of the ’06 election here as being the fault of the pioneering new direction Dean has taken in supporting Democratic organization builiding in all 50 states. What a convenient scapegoat he is!!! Good thing they only assassinated him “virtually” with their sound distortion smear campaign, so he could live to provide further handy narratives to explain their wholesale election fraud.

Note: Stay tuned to the site for many hours of fantastic video from last weekend’s conference!


Ginny Ross
Election Defense Alliance

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