Maryland could kill the Democrats–and our democracy

From Mary Kiraly:


The scenario suggested by Robert Plotner is something I have worried about all year: the spectacle of a real election integrity fight, waged by Republicans. I agree that the fight could well begin in Maryland if Governor Ehrlich loses, or sees the election being called for Martin O’Malley while thousands of absentee ballots are not yet counted.

Maryland Democrats have spent the year defending the Diebold election system, and Administrator Lamone.
They have blamed the local boards of elections for failures during the Primary that were linked to the selection of Diebold paperless touchscreen voting and the implementation of the Diebold E-Poll Books. The local Boards did not purchase these systems. They were selected by the Democratic Legislature, under the guidance of Ms. Lamone.

But even without Maryland, the Democratic Party has backed itself into a strategic corner by failing to address the wide range of vote suppression tactics that have unfolded over six years, and have been perpetrated on their constituents. Democrats have repeatedly made the mistake of thinking that they can compensate for vote suppression tactics aimed at people of color, poor people, and progressives, with fund raising and turnout drives.

The most disheartening aspect of the possibility Prof.
Plotner suggests, is the potential for election integrity experts and activists to be called to testify on behalf of Republicans challenging the election technology.

I hope on November 8, we can look back and say that we had overestimated the ability of those who have profited from corrupted elections, to use the corruption of the election system as a tool in their defense. It could make the Healthy Forest and Clear Skies Initiatives look like the play things of children.


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