Kucinich in the cross-hairs!

For all who fear for the integrity of our election system, there’s an important new bill pending in the House: HR 6200, which calls for hand-counted paper ballots in all major US races.

Dennis Kucinich was the prime mover here, as he has been in so many other vital areas–and he is now at risk, as Rove et al. are trying to take him down.

Please help Dennis stay right where he is, and where he certainly belongs!


Friends: It was brought to my attention that this urgent appeal from Dennis Kucinich was missing an address where you could respond. Either log on to: Kucinich.US for more info or mail your contribution to:

Re-elect Kucinich for Congress
PO Box 110145,
Cleveland, Ohio 44111

If the Dems win the house, Dennis is in line to Chair the powerful Gov’t Oversight Intelligence Committee. That means we may actually end this insane Iraq war. Hence this right wing campaign to stop him. He needs our help now! Read on :

Urgent: Kucinich Campaign: Urgent Appeal for $$$ as RNC “Swiftboats” Kucinich

Dear Friend of Dennis,

What do they have to hide? The National Republican Party has launched a desperate, last minute “swiftboat” type smear attack against Congressman Dennis Kucinich who is in line to chair an key investigate subcommittee of the House of Representatives..

The Republican Party’s official website, www.gop.com attacks Kucinich in machine gun style, about FIFTY TIMES, for his opposition to the Bush agenda including, the War in Iraq, the Patriot Act, and National Missile “Defense”. Everyone knows Kucinich was right, and Bush was wrong, on each and every contested issue relating to national security. (Yesterday they gave Nancy Pelosi similar treatment.)

Why then, with the Republicans on the verge of losing control of both the House and the Senate, would they train such a lengthy, hysterical and vicious attack on Kucinich?

The answer is obvious: Kucinich is in line to chair the Government Oversight subcommittee on International Relations, National Security and Emerging Threats, which will bring out the truth about each and every Administration lie which led us into war, into fear, into a roll back of our civil liberties. Under his chairmanship, people in Washington will at last be held accountable for their misdeeds. The truth will come out about 911, the war in Iraq and how the Administration’s policies and actions have directly put America in more danger.

Now is the time for us to stand up to the GOP smear machine. Now is the time to stand up for Dennis Kucinich, not only because he has stood up for us, but because his honesty, and integrity is needed in Washington for security which comes through peace and prosperity.

He has shown real leadership for the Democratic Party. Don’t let the Republicans get away with this rotten, mean-spirited attack on an honest Congressman who fights for the people and works for peace. Give Dennis Kucinich the ability to respond NOW. Send your contribution for $50. $100, $500 or more to Re-Elect Kucinich or click on the “contribute” button on this page.

As Chairman of the Cuyahoga Democratic Party of Ohio, one of the largest Democratic organizations in the nation, I say it is time to tell the Republican party that their “swiftboating” days are over. They swiftboated John Kerry, They did it to Max Cleland. This gang even attacked one of their own, John McCain! Help Dennis get the gavel to give the GOP the boot.


Jimmy DiMora,
Chairman, Cuyahoga Democratic Party.

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