If the Repubs should "win"….

Wise words from Bruce O’Dell:

AHA! Now I get it…
According to John Farmer, Newhouse, http://www.startribune.com/562/story/756626.html , 10/23/2006:

“Political success is measured as much by perception and expectations as by reality, maybe more. And the perception today, as measured by the polls and signs of flagging enthusiasm among some conservatives, is that President Bush’s Republican Party has lost its way — it’s not even very conservative anymore — and has forfeited its right to rule.
“The polls everywhere outside the hard-core South are dismal for the president and discouraging for GOP candidates who can’t escape his shadow. But they have created a great expectations test for Democrats in the bargain. If they can’t win now, when can they ever?
“For Democrats, perhaps the worse fallout from a Democratic failure in the November elections is that it would allow Republicans to justifiably cite the results as a vindication for the Bush record and a rejection of Democrats as a credible alternative.
“If that happens,” said Russ Hemenway of the liberal National Committee for an Effective Congress, “Democrats will be out of power for at least another decade.”

Article continues http://www.startribune.com/562/story/756626.html

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