Hasta la vista, Hastert!

Everbody’s telling Dennis Hastert to resign–even the Washington Times,
suggesting that there’s pressure from within the ultra-right to have him take
the fall for Foleygate.
Maybe they think that sacrificing him will stanch the bleeding. Maybe they
don’t think he’s tuff enuff to be House Speaker for Christ’s Party (or the
Rev. Moon’s). Maybe both motives are in play, or maybe it is something
even worse (since, with this crowd, there’s always something even worse).
Whatever’s driving it, the call for Hastert’s resignation is both just and timely:
not because he has been covering up for Foley (after all–and infinitely worse
–he has been staunchly covering up for Bush), but because not long ago he
unilaterally confirmed Rob Bilbray as the “victor” in the recent San Diego race,
even though that race had not (and has not) yet been settled.
That the Busheviki found a federal judge corrupt enough to okay Hastert’s
move does not in any way excuse or justify it. No House Speaker, or any
other party poobah, has the right to nullify the voters’ choice. Otherwise,
why don’t we just save all that time and money, and let Hastert thus choose
all “our” representatives?
So, yeah, let him go down, and let him take his party comrades with him….
From Rob Kall:
With the Washington Time’s call for Hastert’s resignation, you may want to cover the call for Hastert’s resignation from John Laesch, Hastert’s Democratic opponent in the congressional race.
The Washington Times

Published October 3, 2006

The facts of the disgrace of Mark Foley, who was a Republican member of the House from a Florida district until he resigned last week, constitute a disgrace for every Republican member of Congress. Red flags emerged in late 2005, perhaps even earlier, in suggestive and wholly inappropriate e-mail messages to underage congressional pages. His aberrant, predatory — and possibly criminal — behavior was an open secret among the pages who were his prey. The evidence was strong enough long enough ago that the speaker should have relieved Mr. Foley of his committee responsibilities contingent on a full investigation to learn what had taken place, whether any laws had been violated and what action, up to and including prosecution, were warranted by the facts. This never happened.

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