GOP, "Gang Of Projectors"

Or “Gang Of Perverts,” if you prefer a simpler line.

Remember the John Fund/Morgan Pillsbury story? If not, check it out.
Fund, who cooked up the canard that Clinton aide Sid Blumenthal had
beaten up his wife, was later busted for assaulting his own girlfriend.
(And that’s the least repulsive aspect of the narrative!)

That sort of mad projection–pederasts decrying pederasty, closet
cases backing homophobic laws, Jews sounding off like Nazis, and so on–
is no trivial or seconday matter, but the driving force behind Bush/Cheney’s

In other words, it’s not just the money and/or power. Deep down, it’s
the pathology.


Hastert, Cheney, Bush and Boehner Go Easy on Pedophiles and An Adulterer Accused of Beating His Mistress, Half His Age
By Mark
Created 10/03/2006 – 8:51am
Published on BuzzFlash

You would think that with the GOP betrayal of our youth still red hot in the news, the Republican leadership wouldn’t be raising money for a Congressman who last year was outed for allegedly trying to strangle his mistress.

But you would be wrong.

Pennsylvania Republican Don Sherwood is 64, married and the father of three daughters.

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