GOP claims "edge" in early voting

More Repub pre-propaganda, this time from the Wall Street Journal….

Republicans See Edge From Early Voting

Democrats Question Specific Claims and Believe They Are Catching Up With the Trend
October 31, 2006; Page A4

WASHINGTON — Down in the polls and with their majorities in

Congress at risk, Republicans say they have some good news in early-voting statistics that suggest their voter-turnout machine is providing an edge in some tight races.

If the trend holds, it could mean that early voting is growing — and continuing to benefit Republicans, who exploited the practice in the 1990s. Experts say early voters could be a bigger factor this year when overall voter turnout could be lower than in 2004, a presidential-election year.

This year, though, Democrats contend that Republicans are exaggerating their successes so far, by highlighting a few races, while ignoring problems they are having in motivating their troops around the country. Democrats also questioned several specific Republican claims, while noting their own early-voting numbers show they are starting to catch up with their rivals in early get-out-the-vote efforts in battleground states such as Iowa.

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