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From Ginny Ross:

Michael Collins and TruthisAll again prove to be some of the finest patriots in the land with this fraud assessment article below.

This entire article linked below deserves our close attention and broad dissemination in the next few days.

I extracted the section below because it pinpoints precisely where we should focus and perhaps what we should highlight in our websites and action alerts? For example, a special effort to get this fraud alert information together with the “Democracy, It’s Worth the Wait” statement to the candidates in these races would be an excellent targeted action. Candidates must not concede!!

Also, on sites where information is posted by states, this chart below could be linked for each affected state.

On a personal level, we can focus on or ‘adopt’ races near us to make sure candidates and officials know that we “know,” and that we are watching. For example, I am going to find out all I can and make connections and plans concerning the FL 13, 16 & 24. ( Luckily, with #24 we can be relieved that Clint Curtis won’t even think about conceding to Feeney without a real vote count! )

Finally, we can put this in the hands of the media — at least they will not have safe cover in the excuse of not seeing “The Math”

Ginny Ross
Cell in FL: 503-380-4123

U.S. Election Fraud 2006 Risk Assessment Update

Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 7:19 pm
Opinion: Michael Collins

Prospects for a 34 Seat House Pick Up Look Good
Election Fraud and Digital Disruption Take on More Importance

Michael Collins and TruthIsAll
“Scoop” Independent News
Washington, D.C.

The Democrats lead these races outside of the margin of error. Any problems with these ten races would be immediate triggers for investigation and election contests.

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