Chicago voter database hacked

ABC News: Chicago Voter Database Hacked

Chicago Voter Database Hacked
Civic Group Claims It Could
Have Tampered With Voter Roles
Oct. 23, 2006 – – As if there weren’t enough concerns about the integrity of the vote, a non-partisan civic organization today claimed it had hacked into the voter database for the 1.35 million voters in the city of Chicago.

Bob Wilson, an official with the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project — which bills itself as a not-for-profit civic organization dedicated to the correction of election system deficiencies — tells ABC News that last week his organization hacked the database, which contains detailed information about hundreds of thousands of Chicago voters, including their Social Security numbers, and dates of birth.

“It was a serious identity theft problem, but also a problem that could potentially create problems with the election,” Wilson said.

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