Busheviks busted for election fraud in Santa Ana

This article deals mainly with the timing of the prosecutor’s press conference – a long delay that obviously served the interests of the California GOP, and that the Democrats therefore deplore. And there’s no doubt that Rackauckas waited till one week before Election Day, so as to make himself (and Acting SoS Bruce McPherson) look tough on election fraud. (Neither of them is. McPherson lately certified Diebold’s machines for use in California.) Thus there’s merit to the Democratic charge of “grandstanding.”

But this partisan fire-fight should not distract us from the crucial fact that the fraud at issue was committed by and for the GOP. Note, first of all, that there evidently was no Democratic fraud for the Republican DA to prosecute–more evidence (as if any more is needed) that this sort of thing has not been happening “on both
sides” since BushCo came to power.

Note also that such secret registration-switching is another way to over-represent the party’s numbers–a trick essential to maintaining the great myth that BushCo’s party is “conservative,” and has majority support.


Twelve Arrested In Orange County Voter Fraud Scheme

POSTED: 7:57 am PST October 30, 2006
UPDATED: 12:40 pm PST October 30, 2006

SANTA ANA, Calif. — Orange County’s top prosecutor Monday defended his delay until a week before the election in outlining charges filed against a dozen people accused of switching registered Democrats to Republicans without their knowledge.

The registration fraud cases were filed last Tuesday, and at least three of the defendants were arrested on Wednesday and Thursday. The arrests were revealed last week by Orange County’s Democratic leadership.

At a Santa Ana news conference, District Attorney Anthony Rackauckas, who was joined by Secretary of State Bruce McPherson, denied that politics played a role in relation to revealing details about the case.

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