AP reports the dems as the child molesters !!

Now Associated Press Labels Foley as a Democrat!

First on Fox, Then on AP! Though Atleast AP Had the Decency to Issue a Correction!

ON UPDATE: Hastert Also Labelled a DEM by AP!

As of a quick Google search moments ago, there were still several articles from AP indexed as showing Foley as a “(D-Florida)”:

URL: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=3572

OHIO MELTDOWN ’06: A ‘Serious Problem’ Reported on First Day of Early Voting on ‘Shiny New’ Diebold Touch-Screen Machines…

Voter Given Wrong Ballot on Diebold Touch-Screen Machine, as the First Reports of ‘Glitches’ in the Buckeye State’s General Election Begin…

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