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Teardown: The Mainstream Media Turns on Bush

Wednesday, 11 October 2006, 3:19 pm
Opinion: Michael Collins
The Mainstream Media Turns on Bush

Disgraced Congressman Mark Foley, (Rep), FL
By Michael Collins
“Scoop” Independent News
Washington, DC
What’s with the mainstream (corporate) media? George W. Bush had a free ride for six years. There’s been more than enough to investigate. Stories of early substance abuse, avoiding military service, and financial improprieties were all there before the 2000 election. In some cases, suspected insider trading at Arbusto Oil for example, the stories barely required a rewrite. These and the other scandal-rich leads were either never adequately pursued or ignored. Corporate media was infatuated with this amiable Texan ambling through history.
It looked like nothing would catch and sustain corporate media’s attention. America was defenseless on 911, but that didn’t matter. The press turned George Bush into the “Wartime President.” Bush made a series of strange comments to Bob Woodward, author of two favorable books on the president. Talking about being a “decider” and seeking advice from a “higher father” were tell tale signs of an oddball in the White House, but that didn’t matter.
Documented lies about weapons of mass destruction, disaster after disaster in Iraq, the starvation of Americans for days in New Orleans through gross negligence, to name a few unreported stories: none of that mattered to the corporate media. Bush was tolerated and lifted up merely by the press ignoring or failing to sustain any real attention to these or other tragedies laid at the feet of the American people by an administration that many call the worst ever in our history.
Now, six years into the Bush regime we see a sudden reversal by the press. The networks and major daily papers are locked on to a huge scandal and they won’t give up.
The initial bombshell came from ABC’s Brian Ross. An intelligent and intrepid reporter, Ross uncovered the Foley emails to underage Congressional Pages. What could be more damaging?

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