Alaska Dems challenge '04 "election" results

2004 Alaska state election data modified in 2006
According to a press release, the Alaska Democratic Party has asked the state Division of Elections to explain why 2004 election data were changed on July 12 and 13, 2006. This was after the ADP had initiated its lawsuit to obtain the original election data. The changes are indicated in the released data base’s Audit Log, which keeps track of all activities. One of the changes was made in House District 5, the race in which Tim June lost by 59 votes to Bill Thomas.

Other irregularities discovered in the database include 293 manual entries between 11/2/04 and 12/4/04. Manual entries are usually made when a ballot is so mangled as not to be readable by the machine. According to the ADP ‘s consultant, 293 manual entries is a huge number, especially when one considers that some races were won by less than 100 votes.

The Alaska Democratic Party had sued for release of the data because as published on the Division of Elections site, they do not add up. If votes for George Bush are totalled by adding district totals he received 292,267. His official statewide total for the election was only 190,889.

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