Will Maryland be used against the Dems?

This is Robert Glenn Plotner (ignatzmouse). We corresponded last year ahead of “Fooled Again” regarding my analyses of the North Carolina and New Mexico 2004 elections.
I’ve read with interest your blog entries concerning the possibility of absentee election fraud in Maryland. The piece was enlightening and informing. Let me also present one other possibility to you and get your take on whether or not it is plausible. I’m wondering if Maryland may be being staged as a reverse angle deception to discredit Democrats in the state and more importantly as a tool to dispel all other electronic voting discrepancies that will appear throughout the country.
The scenario is this:
1) a state in which Democrats instituted Diebold voting
2) a state with a “virtuous” Republican governor warning the citizens against the touchscreens
3) the vote on election day is off the exit polling by a good margin — but oddly in favor of the Democrats
4) Right wing bloggers flood the blogosphere with charges of Democratic fraud, picked up by FOX and RW talk radio
5) exit polling discrepancies that favor key Republicans in other states is marginalized or ignored
6) MSM coverage explains away the unexpected Republican victories, out of margin with the exit polls, that have allowed them to hold Congress by “balancing” any suspicion against the Democrats in Maryland
7) Congressional Democrats’ protest is mitigated out of fear of implicating themselves in Maryland
8) Republicans gain control of the electronic voting reform movement and subsequent legislation in Congress.
Perhaps I’m being overly analytical and suspicious, but it is the result of red flags sent up by an odd private message I recently received at DU regarding my North Carolina analysis and methodology. The message(s) solicited my insight on how to apply a similar analysis to the upcoming election in Maryland to contrast the absentee vote against the election day vote, and wanted to know “Do you anticipate reapplying your techniques to any 2006 races, or are you a part of a larger organization with plans to do so, or are you aware of other people/orgs who intend to do similar analyses?” Besides the information gathering, there were also troubling asides such as when I mentioned the need of access to real exit polling data, he misunderstood and replied that he wouldn’t necesarily be opposed to seeking the info from the Maryland Republican Party. As I said, it was an odd message to receive at DU, but then again the original NC analysis did seem to rattle some nerves with some opposing bloggers at the time, and I wouldn’t put it past inspiring them. On the other hand, it could well have been a sincere request to which I’m just overreacting. In either case, it made me uneasy enough that I felt I should pass it along.
Best regards,
Robert Glenn Plotner

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