When they claim "victory" again…

….we must be ready to say “NO!”


>Fears, Tears and Jeers: the Campaign Trail of the GOP
>With the November elections fast approaching, the Republican Party have
>opened up a number of fronts in their campaign assault to maintain control
>of Capitol Hill. For the last few months, a number of states have enacted
>new laws that are seen as leading efforts to disenfranchise typically
>Democratic voting blocks. Six Republican-controlled states, Indiana,
>Arizona, California, Missouri, and of course, our old friends in Ohio and
>Florida, have already passed various voter ID laws that will doubtless
>disenfranchise Democratic voters far more than others. Recently, a federal
>judge struck down a 2004 Florida law that restricted and punished
>activities of third party voter registration groups, a result that will be
>too little too late with respect to elections in November; appeals are
>guaranteed to hold this in court for sometime.
>Furthermore, the Republican House showed little regard for election law
>when Speaker Dennis Hastert swore in Brian Bilbray as the newest
>Republican member of Congress, despite the fact that the election had not
>even been certified at that point, given the ongoing dispute surrounding
>that contentious California election and its employment of uncertified
>Diebold voting machines. Fueling outrage, a judge has pronounced that
>Congress has jurisdictional priority rather than the State of California
>now that the swearing-in has taken place; no recourse in the election
>dispute can be provided by California courts. In other words, regardless
>of the outcome of an election, a swearing-in cermony effectively nullifies
>an election result and makes Congress’s pronouncement of House membership
>the final say in the matter. What have we learned from this exercise?
>There is yet another way to steal an election and who knows how many more
>are heretofore unknown.
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