What's at stake in California on Election Day

From Kat L’Estrange:

Mark — The Democrats control the state legislature of California and have
done so for years (I believe in 1995, the Assembly went Republican for two
years only). As a result, Californians often elect Republican governors
and secretaries of state. California is on RED ALERT because this is one
state the GOP would seriously love to control. Electronic voting machines
and continued voter suppression tactics, especially targeting Hispanics
this year and in ’08, should give all Californians concern that the GOP
will succeed. The political process in the state is seriously corrupt, and
as a result Californians are not being served well (California Dem Party
is worthless). Although under GOP control, the situation will only get
worse. Keep in mind that California has the largest public-employee
retirement fund in the nation (CalPERS), in addition to a very large
teachers’ pension fund, and the GOP would love to dismantle it, as Jeb
Bush did in Florida. Governor Arnold made an attempt last year, but
California unions fought back.

— Kat

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