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Today, I was a panelist at a forum, entitled “Does Your Vote Count?” at the City Club of Cleveland, along with Michael Vu, Director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, and Judge Ronald Adrine. Before the event, we were each given a signed copy of the book America’s Soapbox, listing previous panelists on City Club forums. Among them were many famous people. Mr. Foster told us that, by our inclusion in the book, we were, indeed, “making history.”

I smiled when I heard him say that because I’ve told my son that on many occasions since the 2000 election when I said, “Honey, this is history in the making. You are living in historic times!”

I am moved to tears when I watch the growing number of films showing how so many people fought and died for the right to vote, our most fundamental right, the right upon which all others depend; and how those rights have been and continue to be yanked away by those who wish to maintain power. Electronic voting machines, voter-suppression legislation, policies that discriminate against poor and minority voters, are just a few of the many problems in our electoral system. Can we really say we live in a democracy?

At the non-partisan “We Count” conference this weekend, in Cleveland Ohio, you will meet some of the truest patriots ever-people who are giving their all to reverse the direction our country has been taking over these past few years. And you will be making history as you join in the growing democracy movement.

The speakers we’ve lined up are outstanding! Mark Crispin Miller, Bev Harris, Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman, Paul Lehto, Richard Hayes Phillips, Bob Koehler, Ron Baiman, Nancy Tobi, Jonathan Simon, Bruce O’Dell, Kathy Dopp, Adele Eisner, Greg Coleridge, Lynn Landes, and others, will inspire you to Wake Up And Save Your Country! (That’s the name of our of our co-sponsors!)

We are extremely privileged to have award-winning filmmakers in our presence-Dorothy Fadiman, Stealing America, Vote By Vote, Laura Paglin, No Umbrella, Ian Inaba, American Blackout, David Earnhardt, Eternal Vigilance and Richard Van Slyke, The Right To Count, who will introduce and play their excellent documentary films. These films and others will also be shown at the conference.

Workshops will teach you how to engage in the electoral process and will provide ways for you to plug into the democracy movement!

I am certain that you will come away from this event with a new perspective, with hope and resolve that “we the people” can save our elections and our Republic.

Even if you can’t make it to this year’s We Count, please forward this message to concerned friends who want to do something. Or consider making a small donation to help us pay travel expenses for our amazing speakers as well as publicity, facility rental and other costs. Be a part of history! Don’t miss “We Count – A Conference about Fair Elections and Democracy!” for more information, to register, or to provide financial support. 216-849-7470

Victoria Lovegren,

Founder, Ohio Vigilance

“If your only involvement in Democracy is in a voting booth 10 minutes a year, then that’s all the democracy you’re going to get.” – Ventura A.E.Simmons

We Count – A Conference about Fair Elections and Democracy

Friday, Sept 29th, from 6pm to 11 pm (Theater)


Saturday, Sept 30th, from 9am to 10 pm ( Campus Center #10, Theater)

at the

Cuyahoga Community College (Metro Campus), Cleveland, Ohio
(click here for directions)

Fabulous speakers and engaging workshops:

Keynote speaker :

Mark Crispin Miller

Mark Crispin Miller, Professor at NYU, and author of many books, including :

Fooled Again – How the Right Stole the 2004 Elections & Why They’ll Steal The Next One, Unless We Stop Them

Other speakers include authors, analysts, investigators,
election-integrity and voting-rights activists:

Bev Harris, Paul Lehto, Nancy Tobi, Jonathan Simon, Bob Fitrakis,

Richard Hayes Phillips, Bob Koehler, Greg Coleridge, Harvey Wasserman,

Lynn Landes, Shaun Tucker, Ron Baiman, Kathy Dopp, Tony Minor,

Jerry Adams, Victoria Lovegren, Marj Creech, Rady Ananda, Bruce O’Dell,

Adele Eisner, Teresa James, Ron Olson, Pete Johnson, Stuart Wright,

Warner Mendenhall, Vickie Karp, Abbe DeLosier

and more.

Ohio Gubernatorial and Secretary of State Candidates :

Bob Fitrakis, James Lundeen, Bill Peirce, Lee Fisher, Anita Rios

Jennifer Brunner and Tim Kettler

Filmmakers :

Laura Paglin (“No Umbrella”); Dorothy Fadiman(“Stealing America: Vote by Vote”); Jeff Kirkby (“Digital Quagmires”); David Earnhardt (“Eternal Vigilance”); Richard Van Slyke(“The Right To Count”); Ian Inaba (“American Blackout”); Rose Wilcher

and others.


Ohio Vigilance, Velvet Revolution, People For the American Way, America Votes, Northeast Ohio Sierra Club, Northeast Ohio AFSC – Economic Justice and Empowerment Program , Free Press, CASE-Ohio, J30 Coalition, 51 Capital March, Clamor Magazine, Coloradoans for Voting Integrity, Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism, Concentric Media,, Cuyahoga County Green Party, Democracy for New Hampshire,,, Farhad Sethna-Immigration Attorney, Gathering To Save our Elections, Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network,, Keen Bee Creative Studios, Laura Paglin(“No Umbrella”), Missourians for Honest Elections, Ohio Voter Reform, Ohioans for Democratic Values,, Peace Action, Progressive Democrats of America – Ohio, Roaming Video, The World Can’t Wait, Voices of Cleveland & Beyond Productions, Wake Up And Save Your Country, Women Speak Out For Peace and Justice, Election Defense Alliance

and others.

Performing Artists :

Richard Hayes Phillips, Victoria Parks, Katie Daley, Terrence Provost,

and others.

For more information & pre- registration ( strongly encouraged),

please visit: or call 216-849-7470.

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