Support James Webb against Macaca Man

Subject: Re: [MCM] Macaca Man flips out
Did he really tie a noose from a tree outside his office? Wild!

FYI- There is a long front page article in Today’s Washington Post all about this recently disclosed Allen Jewish connection and it couldn’t sound more wierd. It actually looks like his campaign resurrected this angle to try to defeat the racist charge on the macaca business and to help raise money in Los Angeles but it’s backfiring. The variously reported timing of Allen’s first knowledge of this and his subsequent denials seem just dishonest frankly.
I STRONGLY URGE that everyone give money- even if it is just $25. to the WEBB campaign. Clearly Allen is a greasy guy any way you cut it. WEBB has a son fighting in Iraq and he himself is a Vet. He has a clear understanding and plan regarding Iraq. He was Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy. He is clearly the better man but his campaign is really suffering from being underfinanced.
Cynthia L. Butler

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He didn’t tie a noose to a tree outside his office. Worse, he had a small tree in his office that had a noose hanging from it.There’s only one reason in Virginia to hang a noose from a tree instead of a gallows. Allen should be asked for every detail about that.


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