Stop the Hyde Bill!

AND the Jekyll Bill!


Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 07:27:47 -0400
From: evan davis
Subject: [e-USE] Urgent!!! Please propagte far nd wide ( this message, I mean)

I’m in D.C. right now doing radio interviews. John Conyers told me
yesterday evening that today he and a small Congressional delegation
will be meeting with Nancy Pelosi on “something big” regarding election
reformlegislation. I have an interview scheduled with him later today
but late last night I learned what the meeting will be about.

A bill sponsored by Henry Hyde will be “marked-up” in committee
this morning and is slated for a fast-track vote on the House floor (
where Democrats, who are disunified and out-numbered) are expecting it
will pass. I don’t know the number f the bill but it is essentially a
national voter I.D. law.

A substitute bill will also be introduced but it is almost as
bad. We need to pressure our reps to reject BOTH the Hyde bill and the
substitute bill TODAY!!!!

The subtitute bill is being called the “Federal Election
Integrity Act” and you can read it here;

I’m driving so I can’t really research the info on the Hyde
bill. Please mobilize on this! We can’t afford to have millions of (
mostly women, people f color, immigrants, elderly, students, poor folks,
etc.) be disenfranchised ( again).


as found on DU:

Here are excerpts of the League of Women Voters’ statement regarding HR 4844

We believe that H.R. 4844 would turn back the clock and erect unnecessary barriers to voter participation. Many Americans simply do not have the documentary proof of citizenship and photo ID that would allow them to exercise their right to vote if H.R. 4844 were to become law.

In our modern society, where many of us travel by air or bank with credit cards, it is easy to assume that everyone has appropriate ID or can prove their citizenship. But it is a more difficult problem than one might think. For example, older women are substantially less likely to have ID than others, and getting that ID in order to vote could be a major burden. People who were born outside of hospitals are among those who can face problems in getting birth certificates or other proof of citizenship…

For a citizen of voting age, the passport application fee is $55. The security surcharge is $12. The execution fee is $30. The total is $97. For native-born Americans, a certified birth certificate is required, with its accompanying costs.
Under at least one proposal, every voter would be required to prove their citizenship before voting in 2008 – more than 100 million Americans would need to prove their citizenship.

HR 4844 here

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