Stealing votes in Baltimore

From Alice Cherbonnier:

From: Pamela C.
September 12, 2006 2:45:13 PM EDT
Alice Cherbonnier
Subject: Re: Thank you!

… As for voting, Dru reported two irregular situations this morning at major polling places. One was at St. Paul and 26th – Dem. stronghold. As of 9:30 the doors were still locked. Word of mouth has it that the Republican election judge hadn’t shown up so they couldn’t open. People were walking away. Nobody at the Board of Elections (when called) knew what was going on or, it seems, what to do about it. Similar problem at Grace Methodist at Charles and Northern Pkwy. Don’t know the specifics on this, but they hadn’t opened as of about 9:30. And, just now on the radio I heard about a big problem in Montgomery County with the voting machines.

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