Obrador is listening to us!

From Michael Collins:

I wrote the article “The Mexican People: Heroes of Democracy” in mid- August. It’s about the brave candidate Lopez-Obrador and his suporters who most likely won the presidential election. I was inspired and also humbled by the courage they showed in challenging the blatant attempts to steal the victory from them. The article summarizes major problems in the campaign that point clearly to a stolen election. Imagine my surprise when I saw this, the article, on Lopez Obrador’s home page, in its entirety.

Mexico matters for election reform and voting rights here in the US. If you read the article, you will see why

The entire article is reprinted on the site. It’s well worth sharing with others. Thanks, MC

Live Obrador –″ target=”_blank”>PRD Web page: <be sure to vote in his survey. “NOI” imho;)


“Scoop” articles (original publicaiton)
The Mexican People: Heroes of Democracy (English/Spanish)

Have a great weekend for democracy….

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