Obrador creating parallel government in Mexico

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30 August 2006

Mexico Leftist to Create Parallel Gov’t [That’s what needs to be done in the US.] 29 Aug 2006 Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, convinced he won’t be awarded the presidency, has vowed to create a parallel leftist government and is urging Mexicans not to recognize the apparent ‘victory’ [coup d’etat] of the ruling party’s Felipe Calderon. Some predict his parallel initiative ÷ which Lopez Obrador’s supporters call the “legitimate government” [Yes!] ÷ could turn those protest camps into the core of a violent revolt, especially if the government tries to shut it down. People close to Lopez Obrador say he is assuming the role of his hero, 18th century President Benito Juarez, who led a roving, “unofficial” presidency from 1863 to 1867 during the French invasion, before driving out the invaders and executing the French-installed Emperor Maximilian [Diebold-installed Dictator Bush].

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