More about Milwaukee's "voter fraud"

I am Larry B. and I am from Milwaukee. The R. wingers got wind in their sails over these ridiculous voter fraud issues over the course of several past elections and it was our own fault for providing said wind.

During a certain Clinton race a semi-well known and wealthy Democratic female activist was noticed handing out cigarettes to various very poor people as part of her own campaigning efforts. The local R. Wing press howled. During another race local Democratic activists in a county just south of Milwaukee stupidly handed out either rolls of nickels or just nickels at a group home for individuals not quite in complete control of their faculties, but registered voters nonetheless. The press enjoyed a field day. In 2004 a Marquette student claimed to have voted several times, presumably for Democratic candidates. Also in 2004 there could have been several improperly cast ballots, out of tens of thousands, in Milwaukee. The Repubicans bit on these absurdities as absolute proof of voter fraud and their radio and press noise machines continue to run with the story today.

In Milwaukee a left-leaning letter to the editor is invariably chopped up to create the impression of a flaming socialist-liberal Abbie Hoffman type. I’ve stopped submitting.

Keep up the good work
Larry B.

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