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From Laura Flanders:

I was in Milwaukee last week when this happened and the ironic thing about even this piece of reporting is that it gives too much credit to the city:

The city just wanted to know how many people voted and couldn’t believe its own computer records because of what it described as a programming error.

NOt true. The only reason the city’s recounting is because the local paper didn’t believe the vote counts. It was the Journal Sentinel that sounded the alarm, forcing a recount.

The other area of attack coming from the governor’s office this year has been on vote registrars. After young kids in North Milwaukee turned out 14,000 voters in 04 (more than the entire margin of Kerry’s victory in the state) suddenly registrars are required to sign up for training, attend a training on a certain day, get qualified, etc etc., and of course, turn in those forms within a second or two of receiving them. Like that.

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