Monitor the polls on E-Day!

The Pollwatchers for Democracy (P4D) action has gone live nationwide. Please distribute the message below to your mailinglists and groups.

Pollwatchers for Democracy, an effort by Mainstreet Moms, Working Assets, VotetrustUSA, and Verified Voting encourages everybody to participate actively in the voting process. Please go to and sign up with Pollworkers for Democracy to work at the polls or, if that is not possible (too late to sign up for this year, or if your party registration status excludes you from working at the polls) to be a poll watcher.

Please sign up with P4D even if you are already a poll worker. We will provide you with information, training and, after the election, with an online reporting form for election incidents you have observed. This information will be entered into a national database of voting incidents.

Please take action. There is an effort to privatize our election. Do not allow them to do that!

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