Meltdown in Maryland!



We are having problems all across the state in the MD primary. Early in the morning, the machines could not be used because the voter “smart cards,” used to download the appropriate ballot face, had not been delivered to the precincts.

Early arrivals were being given provisional ballots to vote on. One Democratic Area Coordinator reported that voters were concerned to see the completed provisonal ballots being stacked on chairs in the voting station.

In places where the Diebold AccuVote TS machines were up and working, voters reported problems with trying to record their selections. Long lines may be a problem all day as Maryland uses Diebold e-poll books for the first time for voter check in. There were reports of voters leaving in disgust over long waits.

Baltimore media outlets had reported calls from angry voters in 30-40 precincts around the city. The Washington Post had been swamped with calls before the Metro Desk was open.

It is going to be a long day for voters, and a long night for Boards of Election workers, trying to count the vote.

Unfortunately, activists have been predicting that it might take an election meltdown to force the Legislatlure and the State Board of Elections to address the vulnerabilities and flaws in paperless touchscreen voting. They may be getting that message at last.


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