Help Larry Daniel out in Utah

Larry Daniel formerly from Texas is running in Utah against a good ol’ boy
Right Winger named Bud Bowman. Bowman is a weak pawn of the radical
republican leadership in Utah and his record confirms it. See his website
at This type of republican is a big part of the problem
facing America today, republican yes men doing the bidding of the republican
leadership and lobbyists, not the people.

The blog at is asking everyone to donate five dollars to
Larry’s campaign just to help kill another elephant. Utah Democrats are
sending a strong message to these right wingers that what they are doing is
totally, completely unacceptable and will be fought at every turn. Here is
the URL for Larry’s website

Larry is the Iron County Utah Democratic Party Chairman, the Utah Democratic
Veterans Caucus Chair, and a member of the DNC’s Veterans and Military
Families Leadership Council. His support of fighting republicans everywhere
has been picked up by Howard Dean and the DNC and is posted on the DNC’s
blog “50-State Strategy: A Utah Insurgency?”.
Comment on it, blog it, get the word out.

Larry is from Texas and moved to Utah several years back for business and to
raise his children in a small town without a polluted environment. Larry is
a Gulf War I Vet who came back from the middle-east with Gulf War Veterans

He was a professor at a law school in Houston prior to moving. Larry even
resigned his alumnus membership where he taught law because the law school
invited Ken Starr to give the commencement address one recent year.

Larry currently teaches Constitutional Law at George Wythe College in
Utah(, a conservative “great books”
institution where he is the voice of reason moving these students to think.

Larry is starting a liberal law school called Bethesda. The name
“Bethesda” is taken from the Hebrew for “house of mercy” designating BCL as
a genuinely unique effort to return principles, ethics, commitment to
service, and professionalism to the system of justice as it currently exists
in the United States, and to counteract the adverse influence of the
conservative movement upon the US legal system and society in general.

Larry believes that by starting law schools and creating think tanks, he
can help reshape the attitudes and beliefs of some of our lawyers before
they go out in the world and begin to practice law. We can also provide
scholarships to provide interns to liberal politicians and institutions
similar to what the conservatives have been doing for 30 years.

A group in South Carolina formed a liberal law school 3 years ago called
Charleston School of Law. Larry’s use of the law school to fund think tanks
is brilliant and the only one like it.

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