Has Bush gone over the edge?

An increasing number of Republicans, ranging from former conservative Congressman Joe Scarborough to former President George H.W. Bush, worry that President George W. Bush’s tenuous hold on reality is slipping away and the leader of the free world may be sliding into a full-fledged mental breakdown.

Scarborough sounded the warning recently when he devoted an episode of his MSNBC talk show to the topic “Is Bush an Idiot?” Other published reports say Bush’s own father is worried about his son’s mental state. Psychiatrists who have observed Bush during his presidency share this concern.

Bush family insiders say the former President’s concern over his son’s mental state was a primary reason why the President made a rare appearance at the family home in Connecticut during August. Bush rarely visits his father. In fact, NBC news anchor Brian Williams recently reported that former President Bill Clinton, who defeated the elder Bush after one term, visits his former rival more often.

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