Check your voter registration!!

Dear Progressive Leader, has built a revolutionary new system to help voters check
their voter registration quickly and easily. To prevent any more stolen
elections, we want to encourage *every* voter to “google” their voter
registration in September, while there is still time to submit a new
registration form.

And between now and Election Day we hope to add various online tools to
make sure every Democratic vote is Registered, Cast, and Counted. If you
have ideas on possible tools we could build, send them my way!

We are now looking for organizational partners who will help us encourage
voters to use our tools. Our initial partners are:
* Working Assets online voter registration (
* Progressive Democrats of America (

I hope we can find ways to work together!

Bob Fertik

Are YOU registered to vote?

Are you SURE??

You may THINK you’re registered and go to the polls on Election Day – and
be shocked to discover your name is not on the eligible voter list.

Make sure they haven’t removed YOU – “google” your voter registration!

Republican election officials are trying to disenfranchise Democratic
voters through an ever-increasing number of despicable laws, regulations,
and practices – even criminal activities.

* In 2000, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris purged 57,700
eligible voters through fraudulent use of “felon” lists – enough to steal
the Presidency for George W. Bush.

* In 2004, Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell refused to process voter
registration forms printed in major newspapers because the paper was too

* In 2004, a Republican firm called Sproul & Associates paid canvassers to
register new voters – and throw away the Democratic forms.

* In early 2006, Los Angeles County threw out 43% of voter registration
applications because of computer glitches, slight discrepancies in
spelling, or missing ID numbers.

States now require an ID number on each new registration, such as a
drivers license or social security number. If you write that number
incorrectly, or if the name on your voter registration form does not match
your ID exactly, your registration will be rejected.

On Election Day, many voters will be shocked to discover their names were
removed from the voter lists and they cannot vote.

Make sure they haven’t removed YOU – “google” your voter registration!

Bob Fertik

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