BradBlog on the Maryland debacle

BREAKING: Train Wreck In Maryland Primary
Polls across the state opened late due to missing equipment or missing poll workers
The state hired voting machine technical ‘rovers’ from Monster.Com ad
Blogged by John Gideon

This morning voters in much of Maryland awoke with plans to go to the polls early and then head off to a normal day’s plans. Unfortunately when they got to their polling places they only found locked doors.

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New optical scan voting machines are being introduced in CT. I heard this before, however I did not realize that this is a Diebold manufactured machine. I invite your readers to weigh in on the controversy. Via CT Bob

Pollworker training. A lot of what are termed “debacle” really come down to people learning a new system and then using it. Lately I’ve been using the automobile as an example.
Everyone who is licensed to drive has had to pass a written exam and a driving test. Everyone is trained. So how come people bash into each other? Why do people speed? Not use turn signals? Weave in and out of traffic?
Before talking about the black helicopters hovering over your city sucking the data out of voting machines, think about the people working the polls. Working a 14 to 16 hour day for less than $100. Who does that? Elderly, unemployed, housewives(and husbands) and students. They get at best a couple of hours training on these systems weeks in advance of the election. Then they get thrust into the limelight of our “activists”. Armchair quarterbacks. Gadflies and handwringers. That’s not oversight. That’s bitching. I know there are fine people and organizations that do actually oversee an election but there are a great many people who don’t know how an election is managed saying things that make no sense and it’s called “common sense” when it’s actually neither.
Every error in an election system can be traced back (and has been traced back) to a human screwing up. Montgomery County, MD: “Put the activator cards into the bag.” and “Label the card activator” not to mention my favorite, “double check the inspector bag against the checklist prior to sealing.”
The folks on Friday night putting the inspector bags together without adequate checklists and supervision had the state of Maryland’s Governor and Legislature pointing fingers and calling each other names.
And traffic was backed up on the interstate this morning because someone was talking on the phone and ran into the back of the car in front of them.
People make errors. Blaming the system and not contributing to the solution is a fine example.

it’s not an either/or problem: ie: human error or fraud. lack of training contributes to human error, which is part of the same problem.

the voting system is broken.

“Every error in an election system can be traced back (and has been traced back) to a human screwing up.”

Could you please provide proof for this statement and when you say “human screwing up” does that include deliberate fraud?

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