And as Colorado goes…

There’d better be some first-rate monitoring there. And independent exit polls would also be a good idea.
Colo. Judge Grudgingly Approves Machine Vote
By Colleen Slevin
Associated Press
Saturday, September 23, 2006; A05
DENVER, Sept. 22 — A judge on Friday chastised state officials for botching efforts to ensure that electronic voting machines are tamper-proof, but he cleared them for use in the November election, saying it is too late now to change course.

Denver County District Judge Lawrence A. Manzanares said the secretary of state’s office had violated state law by failing to come up with minimum security standards for the machines. He added that the office had done an “abysmal” job documenting which tests were performed on the machines and should not have allowed computer manufacturers to vouch for the security of their own products.

The judge said, however, that he would not bar the machines with the election just six weeks away and county clerks warning that they might not have time to print enough paper ballots.
Many of the machines will be used in Colorado’s most populous counties during the general election Nov. 7. A lawsuit filed by 13 voters claimed the machines were not secure, suggesting the accuracy of election results could be in jeopardy.

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