A letter to the Washington Post

To the Editor of the Washington Post

In his op-ed column “México: Democracy Under Threat”
Enrique Krause gives a delightful short history of
democracy in México. Oddly, however, he asserts that
“[2006 presidential candidate] López Obrador isn’t the
heir of liberal democrats Benito Juárez and Francisco
I. Madero, but of Porfirio Díaz and Victoriano Huerta,
the coup leaders who smothered Mexico’s two initial
attempts at democracy.” In fact, like Juárez and
Madero, López Obrador has dedicated his life to
improving the lot of lower income citizens, while Díaz
and Huerta were military generals unswervingly
friendly to big business. A notable omission in Dr.
Krause’s history was populist Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas’
early lead in his 1988 bid for the Mexican presidency,
which mysteriously vanished after a computer crash.
In the 2004 U.S. Election, the exit polls showed Kerry
leading nationally by nearly 3% all day long, but
following a computer blackout they had him losing by
about 3%. Dr. Krause wonders what Americans would
have thought had Kerry claimed “massive fraud” and
asked his followers to protest on the Mall in
Washington. I wonder too.

David G.
San Carlos, Sonora, México

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