You'll need a drink

An excellent reason to consider storm-water retainers on the tops of urban buildings. As it is, all that H2O drains right into our sewage systems, often dangerously taxing
them, and representing a tremendous, needless waste of precious liquid.

Another reason, in short, to consider green rooftops.


Water shortage ‘a global problem’
By Imogen Foulkes
BBC News, Geneva

The report says water loss is a problem facing the whole world

Rich countries face increasing water shortages, a report by conservation organisation WWF warns.

A combination of climate change and poor resource management is leading to water shortages in even the most developed countries, it says.

It urges water conservation on a global scale and asks rich states to set an example by repairing ageing water infrastructure and tackling pollution.

The report was released in Geneva just ahead of World Water Week.

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  1. Glad to see someone is talking about this issue. The fact is 97% of the planets water is salt water, 2% is frozen (and currently melting) and that leaves 1% drinkable. Kind of scary isn’t it? I have read in more than one place over the last decade where many people speculate and predict that we countries will be going to war over water and not oil along with other resources as well…like food, for example due to drought.

    Scary eh?

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