What Bush wants: Armageddon

US evangelist leads the millions seeking a battle with Islam

By Alec Russell in Washington
Daily Telegraph

Anyone who wants to understand why Israel has such
unwavering support from the United States should speak
to one man.

Fiery television evangelist Pastor John Hagee has
emerged as the rallying voice for thousands of American
Christians who believe Israel is doing God’s work in a
“war of good versus evil”.

When he strode on to a stage in Washington last month,
he was cheered to the rafters by 3,500 prominent
evangelicals – as well as by Israel’s ambassador to
America, a former Israeli chief of staff and a host of
US congressmen of both parties.

“After 25 years of hammering away at the truth on
national television, millions of people have come to
see the truth of the word of God,” Mr Hagee told The
Daily Telegraph. “There is literally a groundswell of
support for Israel in the USA among evangelicals.”

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  1. Aside from some internet buzz (which is totally unreliable), there is no evidence that John Hagee has President Bush’s ear.

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