Vote-PAD undercut in California

People With Disabilities Set-Up For Failure In Vote-PAD Testing In California
Voters To Hold Press Conference Before Public Hearing In Sacramento On Wednesday

Guest Blogged By John Gideon

Vote-PAD is a low-tech, voting assistive device that was developed, with input from the disabilities community. Vote-PAD, because it is inexpensive to purchase and maintain, is a threat to electronic voting systems. Vote-PAD also makes voting a possibility for a wider-range of voters with disabilities than do almost all of the Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) or touch-screen voting systems.

Even though some northern California counties had already purchased Vote-PAD for use in their elections as their HAVA compliant voting system for voters with disabilities; the Secretary of State decided that they would have to certify Vote-PAD for use with the optical-scan systems that are in use in each of the user counties.

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