Video of smoking guns in Mexico

The Mexican documentary filmmaker Luis Mandoki has been sending film crews out to record some of the evidence of widespread fraud in the recent presidential race. Here, for instance, you’ll see tons of near- identical pre-marked ballots, opened ballot boxes and a lot of other signs that the electorate of that nation has been disenfranchised (just like us).

The US press casts Obrador as a defiant “leftist,” mischievously trying to subvert the righteous voting system in his country. Nothing could be further from the truth. The government of Fox and Calderon is a kleptocracy and a dictatorship, heavily dependent on corrupt state unions–whose power Obrador would break, for the greater good of Mexico’s economy.

I’ll send out more on that rich subject ASAP. For now, let us pay close attention to the fact that there is copious evidence of vast electoral fraud in Mexico–and, therefore, that that nation’s disenfranchised voters are still out there protesting for good reason (as we North Americans will also surely have to do after this next Election Day).


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