The Armageddon Virus

This has far more to do with the growing danger of election fraud than many of us have been willing to admit….

The End Times Hits Primetime

By Matt Taibbi,
Posted on August 30, 2006, Printed on August 31, 2006

“Now where was I? Oh right, our complete annihilation at the hands of fundamentalist Arabs. I was thinking about this on August 22nd, and some very smart people — even smarter than me — thought it was very possible that Iran or one of those other merry pranksters in the Middle East could have made a big move and vaporized every one of us. But August 22nd has passed, and that hasn’t happened. Yet… Hezbollah could push the “Launch” button while I’m enjoying some chips and dip and watching that cantankerous House on TV. Maybe it won’t happen, but you never know. And by won’t happen, I mean the Hezbollah/launch part, not the chips and dip part. Me, some French onion and a bag of Ruffles is so happening.” — Glenn Beck, talk show host, CNN Headline News

It’s hard to imagine anything that better encapsulates the spirit of life in America under George W. Bush than primetime CNN pseudo-prophet Glenn Beck’s recent warning about the end of the world. A dire warning about Armageddon, strategically issued during election season, that includes — a plug for Ruffles!

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