Repubs to rule forevermore in Guam

and everywhere else….

From Kat L’Estrange:

“Electronic tabulation of results is easier, quicker and more reliable than running thousands of paper ballots through a tabulator. In the long run, electronic voting is less expensive than paper ballots, which are costly to print. And electronic ballots are easier to fix or update if there is a typographical error or other problem; there’s no need to reprint the whole batch.”

Easier and quicker, possibly; certainly NOT more reliable and/or less expensive! E-vote equals control the vote, and that’s the bottom line. — Kat

Article published Aug 29, 2006

Election Commission needs to get rid of paper ballots,
make electronic voting primary method

In the 2004 primarily election, about 2,700 voters lost their say in who should advance to the General Election because they marked both the Democrat and Republican side of the ballot.

Such crossover voting in primary elections was prohibited earlier in 2004 to get local law in line with federal court rulings that stated crossover votes are unconstitutional to political parties. So now, voters may only mark one side of the ballot; they must choose to vote for either Republicans or Democrats, not both.

In an effort to minimize the number of ballots spoiled by crossover voting, the Guam Election Commission has changed its instructions to voters before ballots are cast, according to Gerald Taitano, executive director of the commission. The paper ballots also state that crossover voting is not allowed, and both political parties have been encouraged to pass the word along.

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