Ohio images scrubbed from Google?

Hi Mark-

I spend a lot of time on Google images. Today I was looking for some
of the classic Ohio shots of the long voter lines we have all seen so
many times.

They’ve been totally scrubbed from Google.

I remember when writing Who’s Counting all the images were available:
standing in the rain, etc. Now there is only one image of one line–
of white voters outside on a roadside in a single file line. I tried
a dozen variations of keywords. (I google a lot). I repeated the
search many times. I even removed “Ohio” and all I got were endless
pages of Iraqis in line to vote – I got Zimbabwe, Honduras in the
’80s…. no Ohio. Occasionally an image looked like it was Ohio,
I’d click on it to see: “Error” or Not Found.

This is beyond creepy. I wanted you to know if you didn’t already.
Maybe you can call attention to it in your speaking on this subject.
Try it for yourself.

It’s as if the obliteration of the image could somehow cancel out the
whole sordid affair…. hard to fathom it has come to this. I will
screen shot everything from here on.


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  1. Good post, Martha. Keep up the vigilance as we know, beyond all doubt, the Repugs are re-defining election theft every day and refining election theft methods to 21st century standards. Erasing evidence may be an old tactic but deleting cyber evidence is not.

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