Lieberman concedes

News Update from Citizens for Legitimate Government
08 August 2006

Breaking: Three-term Sen. Joe Lieberman concedes CT Democratic primary for senate. Lieberman has announced he will run as an Independent. Details forthcoming.

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  1. My letter to Senator Reid:

    Dear Senator Reid:

    Now that Senator Lieberman has displayed his true colors and chosen to serve his personal ambition, now that he has given the middle finger to the Democratic Party because it has spoken in Connecticut and he didn’t like what it had to say, now that he has declared himself an Independent candidate for the Senate, you must immediately strip him of all Democratic Party committee assignments and perquisites. Yank his parking space privileges while you’re at it! And pass the word along to the other Quislings in the Democratic Party (they, and you, know who they are): this is only the beginning.

    Thank you.


    One happy Democrat (that’s with a big “D”)

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