Let the US be a "no fear zone"!

From a friend:

In there a coincidence? In the past few days the pro-war pro-Bush closet-Republican Joe Lieberman lost, Bush’s poll ratings took a nose dive to a rock-bottom 33%, and opposition to the Iraq War fiasco grew to a strong 60%.

Gone from the news: Plans to slash traumatic brain injury research for seriously wounded Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, news on the 1,150 new U.S. killed, wounded, injured, and ill during July, and news about the 1,500 Iraqi civilians killed during July. The U.S. occupation and the Iraq Civil War are now a bloodbath.

Suddenly, a group of alleged terrorists monitored for 13 months are captured overseas. Police are now on the streets, on trains, on planes, and fear is rampant in the U.S. Within hours of the announcement of the arrest of suspects, the government already has signs prepared and extra staff on duty.

The impact is tragic, as news reports show almost four in ten people admit that they do hold some “prejudice” against Muslims. The world is a dangerous place, yet fear-mongering only makes it worse. No one is learning how to undo the causes of the war or to turn down the violence. In fact, Bush is letting the violence get worse.

Declare today a “no fear zone” day. We’ve got to fight the 24/7/365 fear spewing from Bush, Rove, and Cheney !

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