Judge nixes Jeb's voter registration rules

From Dorri:

Will this immediately affect voter registration rules around the country (like Ohio) or will appeals delay implementation of changes?

Florida Judge Rules Jeb’s Voter Registration Rules Unconstitutional (WaPo)
Judge Blocks Fla. Voter Registration Law
The Associated Press
Monday, August 28, 2006; 1:29 PM

MIAMI — A federal judge on Monday declared a new Florida voter registration law unconstitutional, ruling that its stiff penalties for violations threaten free speech rights and that political parties were improperly exempted.

The 48-page ruling by U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz means that state authorities cannot enforce the provisions of the law. It took effect Jan. 1 and has been blamed by several labor unions and nonprofit groups for effectively blocking voter registration drives across the state because of the financial risk.

“If third-party voter registration organizations permanently cease their voter registration efforts, Florida citizens will be stripped of an important means and choice of registering to vote and of associating with one another,” Seitz wrote.

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