Hey, what's an "ominous glitch" or two?

From Kat L’Estrange, re: the recent e-voting in Boone County, Missouri:

“…Noren said this morning she was thrilled with how smoothly the day went.” (Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren)

Another example of downplaying the problem, although the headline at least used the words “ominous glitch,” and ominous this problem will surely be nationwide on Election Day in November. Not to mention all the problems with voter registration rolls and voter suppression tactics that are bound to disenfranchise millions more…

There’ll be no ousting the bad guys this year as terror will certainly help seal the steal. But then again, just who are the bad guys really? Those involved in election jamming, or those who sit idly by and do nothing meaningful about it?


Digital voting a hit, with one ominous glitch

“Paper trail” lost for some ballots.

By JACOB LUECKE of the Tribune’s staff
Published Thursday, August 10, 2006

Boone County’s election chief praised the performance of the county’s new electronic voting machines, but she also cautioned that minor issues could become a problem in future elections.

For months, County Clerk Wendy Noren worried how the machines would perform under the pressure of a real election. But after Tuesday’s primary, Noren said this morning she was thrilled with how smoothly the day went.

Although Tuesday’s 24 percent voter turnout was likely much lighter than what the machines will have to handle in November, Noren said she was encouraged.

“I feel like we’re going into November having designed a really outstanding training process,” she said. “I feel like the feedback from the judges and my trainers is that weâre ready to go.”

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