Help McKinney with her exit poll!

Dear Friends:

I’m in the trenches in the McKinney campaign and have some good news to
report. First of all we’re doing parallel elections and getting about 80% of the
Democrats willing to vote in the parallel election as of this morning. Secondly,
I have done a crazy thing. I asked John Zogby to do an exit poll for us
(thanks to Jonathan Simon for the contact).

I need your help. If you can contribute to help us pay the fee, which is in the
thousands, we would really appreciate it.

You can make a check out to Zogby International and mail it to:

674 Bantry Lane
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Or you can pay via paypal using a credit/debit card, by using the email address

We have some fundraiser folks working locally, but I am only allowed to
give $2K of my own money because of campaign contribution limitations.
We can list your donation as a ‘contribution in kind’ to the McKinney campaign.

If you can give any tiny amount, it will be greatly appreciated. ($5,
$25, even $100 helps). I believe with all the rigging they’ve done to
Cynthia in the past, this is a needed insurance against fraud in her election this
go-round. When I was in bus stations, the support for McKinney
was 10 to 1. I also have seen our AJC and 11 Alive news produce fake polls
to misdirect voters. The good news is the McKinney campaign is 5 steps ahead
and I have personally gotten help from the likes of many in our community
to push in the direction of not only an exit poll but a full analysis of
parallel election data and exit poll data after the campaign concludes.

Cynthia McKinney.

Help if you can, and wish us luck today!


Phyllis A. Huster * Executive Director * Count Paper Ballots *

0 thoughts on “Help McKinney with her exit poll!”

  1. How are those trenches now that she got trounced by Hank Johnson?

    Pitiful…she attacks a Capitol police officer, and one of her staff members attacks an 11 Alive TV cameraman today.

    Good riddance, Cynthia McKinney. It seems the people of Georgia fear you more than they fear the President.

  2. Cynthia McKinney is probably one of the most vocal anti war candidates in congress. She’s needed, bad hair days or not…

    What did your parallel election say…?

  3. I’ve lived in McKinney’s district for years and know first-hand her racism, fanatacism and just over-all lack of believeability. And you probably won’t find a bigger Bush hater than me – I’m disgusted with this criminal administration. But Cynthia had to go for so many reasons. She’s incompetent, to begin with, and a hateful person. Anyone blogger posting anything of support for her instantly looses credibility and is a zealot that is cutting off their nose to spite their face. Crusaders like MCM and othes who support her damage their own cause, because people like me, who might otherwise agree with them, are gone the second someone pulls out the McKinney card. She’s a racist, a liar, an incompetent and someone who typifies what’s wrong with the average voter, either on the extreme right or left.

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