Help Bob Fitrakis air the issue of election fraud!

Kerry concedes quickly, the Ohio Dem Party and Strickland do not stand up for the Democratic voters who stood in 3-5 hour lines in the cold pouring rain to cast their votes for the team that promised to “make sure every vote is counted”, the funds for the recount are raised by the Green Party, public hearing are held not by the Democratic Party (they don’t even attend except for John Conyers and several members of the CBC)but by Bob Fitrakis and The Columbus Free Press and election reform groups, the DNC Investigation into the Ohio election is a pathetic whitewash, and yet we should send money to Ted Strickland, the Democratic candidate who has done nothing regarding the “election improprieties” on the urging of Sen Kerry?

I would like to suggest supporting a candidate who has fought for every vote to be counted, who organized the public hearings, has investigated the election – – much of his work was used in RFK Jr’s excellent Rolling Stone Magazine article), who continues to fight for fair and verifiable elections, and is a champion of peace, alternative energy, social justice and the fight against corruption-Bob Fitrakis. Here is his website:

Dorri S.

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