Greens want the machines OUT of San Diego!!

Which is what San Diego’s Democrats should be demanding….

San Diego Greens Call for Removal of Electronic Voting Machines

August 07, 2006
Released Aug 04, 2006

A Resolution of the Green Party of San Diego County, California calling for the removal of electronic voting machines from the County of San Diego.
The Green Party of San Diego County does not endorse the protocols used for obtaining and tabulating votes during the June 6 primary and previous elections.. As we outline below, the process is fundamentally insecure leading to election results that are neither accurate nor verifiable.

Whereas voting machines are known to have gone home overnight with poll workers who had not undergone background checks, and who had unsupervised access to these voting machines, as documented by Pamela Smith, Nationwide Coordinator, and Verified Voting Foundation, and poll workers Terry Olson, Brian C. Baer, Patricia Mack Newton, and others, and admitted to by Registrar of Voters Mikel Haas, who told the Union Tribune, that the practice of sending home voting machines with poll workers “has been followed without incident for about 40 years.” (Electronic voting machines have not been in use for 40 years, so the Registrar’s statement appears to be inaccurate.)… (1)

Whereas the multiple means of a single individual undetectably “hacking” both optical scan and touch-screen machines have been documented by the Brennan Center Report, the second report of the Irish Commission on Electronic Voting, and the Hursti Reports… (2)

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