Good review of NEWS JUNKIE

‘News Junkie’ breaks his own story

By Brittany Anas, Camera Staff Writer
July 16, 2006

I wonder how many college journalism students would seek out careers as reporters if “News Junkie” was on their required reading lists.

There are the behind-the-scene tours of newsrooms and bureaus that author Jason Leopold takes his readers on — complete with a condescending editor, a sloppy slaughter-house copyeditor and competitive senior reporters too greedy to share bylines. As an editor himself, Leopold rules with profanities, and a hammer at his computer to hurry along reporters on deadline.

There’s also the lump-in-the-stomach feeling Leopold describes when his sources accuse him of sloppy reporting or demand a correction. And the betrayed-by-the-world disgust when his editors don’t stand behind him in a Hollywood libel suit.

It’s a far cry from “Murphy Brown.”

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